Bulgarian for Foreigners

ABILITY language school offers courses and individual lessons in Bulgarian language for foreigners. Specially designed, our system of education is extremely adaptable, capable of meeting the personal needs of each student.

For all ages, from beginners (A1) to advanced (C2), we provide adequate modern training, aimed at anyone who wants to learn Bulgarian language.

Training is provided at the office of the school, which is situated in a very convenient location (see map). In order to make the training most comfortable for the learner, the tutor can teach lessons in the student`s office.




Our language school has great experience with students from all over the world – the Netherlands, France, Denmark, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and Lithuania, Canada and the USA. We guarantee the successful mastering of the literary forms of Bulgarian language and aquiring the basic characteristics of modern language.
Here you can see recommendations from our students.


Lars Westergaard, Denmark - I am very pleased with the course in Bulgarian language for foreigners. Teachers are patient and make the Bulgarian language seem easy. I have finished two levels at the school. Now I consider joining the business Bulgarian course.

Kseniya Maximovna, Russia – I have studied Bulgarian for one year before coming to this school. A friend of mine showed me a textbook and some notes from here. The explanations seemed very clear. Recently I have finished the level for beginners.

Thomas Nathan, England – I have lived in Bulgaria for a year and I know little Bulgarian. My girlfriend is Bulgarian. She got me to join the courses in Bulgarian for foreigners in ABILITY language school. The lessons have really helped me in communicating with my colleagues.

Educational system.

In view of constantly changing, dynamic environment, a team of philologists from our school have created a highly adaptable and modern educational system. Textbooks and materials are specially designed so that they could meet the specific, personal needs of each student. The only bounds that we place is your imagination.
The methodology of training has proved itself repeatedly over the years. Students do not restrict themselves to the completion of only one level in our school, but  continue their education throughout our educational system with great success.

Fees and discounts.

ABILITY Language School offers some of the most competitive prices not only for Sofia but also for the whole country. Our low prices, coupled with the high quality of education, make our school one of the most preferred locations for training.

Bulgarian for foreigners - level level according to the Common European Framework Number of classes Price (BGN)
1st level А 30 450
2nd level В 40 600
3rd level С 40 600

Note: Textbook and training materials are FREE ! Deferred payment is possible!

Courses and individual lessons in common Bulgarian language for foreigners.

Our course in common Bulgarian language for foreigners is to help students obtain basic knowledge of grammar of contemporary  Bulgarian language, and to help them master  vocabulary used in everyday public, family, professional and academic environment. Each lesson consists of many dialogues, adapted articles from newspapers and other relevant sources, grammar exercises, exercises in writing, reading, listening comprehension and a detailed glossary at the end of each topic. To help  students make the knowledge acquired during the lessons stable, the system includes a workbook, thoroughly corresponding to the subject matter of the lessons. As intermediary languages are used mainly English, French, Russian, Turkish and German. The course meets the requirements of Levels of competence A1 and A2 according to the Common European Framework.

Courses and individual lessons in Business Bulgarian language for foreigners.

Besides common Bulgarian, our students can benefit from specialized business course in Bulgarian language for foreigners, developed in order to satisfy the increasing interest of our students in mastering correct business terminology. Foreigners who work in our country can easily realize the necessity and the benefits from learning Bulgarian. This allows the fluent management of business processes, as well as conducting meetings and negotiations directly in Bulgarian. Thus the language barrier is no longer an obstacle in your business relations.
The course is meant for people who have at least basic knowledge in common Bulgarian. The business course gives good perception of businnes terminology. Each learner is individually treated and their education depends on their personal needs and interests. Having all this into consideration, specific terminology is being introduced and relevant types of documents are being filled. To make the education even more real-life oriented, specific situations that may occur in everyday business life are being acted out.


After finishing each level, ABILITY Language School conducts a final exam for each student. When they pass it, our school provides them with a certificate in Bulgarian language of the level that the student has acquired.